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The Quiet Things that No One Ever Knows

Roy for now
26 March 1989

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What can I say about myself? I'm 19 years old, unceremoniously transplanted in NJ, but college thankfully got me out of that wretched state. I'm not exceedingly fond of the region I'm in right now I'm now rather more fond of my current region. Amherst is pretty. (In dreamy voice) We can see the mountains here.
I'm bisexual, leaning towards(who the fuck am I kidding) gay and proud of it! I haven't really come out to my family yet. I figure if people can't figure it out just hanging around me (eighteen years...you'd expect they'd notice something), that's their problem.
Politically I'm very liberal. I consider myself a philosophical Anarchist (as in I don't believe in random, useless bombing), though I'd expect many anarchists would find me too soft. Government isn't a bad thing, it just needs to be controlled. O! O! but sometimes anarchy is thwarted by Anarchism! I just discovered that and it's so amazingly ironical that I nearly died of laughter! *cough* I'm not mad, really.

I'm more spiritual than religious, though I do practice an (admittedly vague) form of polytheism based loosely on Wicca (NO, I'm not Wiccan. Too many Wiccans are fluff-bunnies, and Gardener was a pervy old man with too much time on his hands). I'm becoming more and more chaotic--syncretecism FTW!

Don't you just love vague, disjointed bios? I suppose eventually I'll modify this, but till then, deal with this one.